Lombardi project concept and design belongs to OIKOS team who aim to create a luxury villa complex that will respect the unique scenery and environment

An amphitheatric and peaceful location, surrounded by trees rolling on the golden sandy beach, with crystal clear waters, which the team had to protect in the best possible way.

Lombardi is an electronically controlled gated project, designed to maintain province and tranquility for its residents. It has underground car access and parking to avoid congestion and noise caused by cars. The underground access links to each private villas electronic garage door entrance, in order for the owners to have access to their residence from their own private basement area where they also have their own parking area. In the basement there is space for a private spa, gym and a recreational room in which a pool table can be placed.

Intelligent villas have been designed to give the owner the option to control the villa via internet.

The architectural modern design reflects the sea waves and colors. The big wide glass doors are to enjoy the views from the villa. The stone on the external walls comes from Lombardi ground. The yards and the gardens are planned to be designed in such a way as to accompany the existing environment where the project is located.

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