Guy Has Destroyed When He Attempts To Call Women Clingy

He made an effort to Enjoy Like women can be Clingy And have Rooooasted On Facebook

The Story

Everyone understands that ladies are clingier than men, correct? JK. That is simply a stereotype. Until we’ve some tough research about this, I’m gonna call it a draw. Actual truth is, you can find male clingers and feminine clingers. Usually, guys you will need to play like they never ever find thoughts, then again each goes and do a little insane junk like hijack an aircraft in order to get in touch with their own ex. When girls tend to be clingy about it’s simply, like, expecting that respond to their own text messages. 

Well, talking about hijacking, one dude’s snarky Twitter status had gotten hijacked HEAVY not too long ago. This guy Ben tried to play like he was cold as ice and never a stage-five clinger. Let us see the carnage:

The Snapshot

And that’s when Jessica fell the bomb:

And Daphné joined in:

And Anika sent the death-blow:

The Lesson

The funny benefit of sending individuals communications is those messages are genuine easy to screenshot. If you are gonna be clingy when chatting girls, bump yourself around. Maybe anyone who you’re wanting to content are involved with it — the online dating world is filled with wonderful individuals. (Although… cannot say “hey” 60 occasions to individuals. Which is simply weird.)

In case you will trash-talk a complete gender as soon as very own record is below spotless… appears to be you much better be prepared for some FB message skeletons to come from wardrobe. R.I.P. Ben’s reputation.